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What others say...

Thanks for the prompt delivery. The shepherd's pie was good

and my guest loved it. Keep up the good work!

- Jiaming

Pies are delivered fresh and hot. Have been ordering for 2 consecutive Christmas now. Never disappointed me on both occasions! Brings back memories on the homemade shepherd's pies I used to have during Christmas.

- Audrey Tan

"The mash is smooth, soft and fine. The pie top, with its golden brown peaks, is slightly crisp. The layer of cheese between the meat and mash is also well-melted. The beef is moist and fragrant without being greasy." Simply Her magazine (June 2012, page 218)

That was the most delicious shepherd's pie ever !!!! I've just moved from England with my parents to Singapore and this beats my mom's homemade pie. It was sooo yummy.
- Chloe Avins

Super soft mashed potato topping, chewy cheese and extra delicious mince beef.
- Arlia

I ordered 5 shepherd's pies as a lunch treat for my colleagues and the response was overwhelming!!! They peeled the stickers off the top of the box. They cannot wait for Christmas, when we will definitely order again.
- Elizabeth Ho

My colleagues gave a thumbs up for the 4 shepherd pies ordered.
- Sharon Sam

Tonight I had two helpings of The Shepherd's Pies… I wish I had more! The potato layer was just purrrfect with its buttery taste. The cheese and minced beef were a well balanced savoury combination with the mash. So good that I will definitely dream about it tonight. I am definitely going to try the other versions soon!
- Anne Chua

The rendang pie's a blast! Thanks…
- Zain Shahab

After 10 years working in the Orchard Road area, it is difficult to find food which is tasty and wholesome. The Shepherd's Pie is a refreshing change, and the pies are still piping hot when they arrive at my office. The hot mashed potatoes provide a good low fat meal that is well balanced and filling. My colleagues have also ordering for their parties, family gatherings, and office pot luck.
- Derrick Lim

Loooooove ur pie! Superbly done: tasty, fresh and loads of ingredients. So good I had it for lunch and dinner, and now I'm ordering more. Even my fussy husband, who usually doesn't like Western food, is asking for more. Thank you for taking pride in your pies.
- Suzy Lau

I bought a teriyaki chicken shepherd's pie from TSP. The pie was still warm when it arrived. It was our first time tasting shepherd's pie, and I have to tell you something… we really Love it alot!! It was awesomely delicious!!
- Oleo O's

I have tasted shepherd's pies from other places before but this must be one of the best!!! I don't think I'll buy any shepherd's pie from anywhere else. Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about =)
- Peter Cheng

The texture is unbelievable. Even my wife and father, who aren't fans of pies and pizza (basically what they consider "gelat" stuff), liked it. My 4- and 6-year-olds loved it as well and ate a larger portion than they normally would for dinner. :O)
- Roger Lee

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